Full Stack Web Developer

Adrian Iorga

Web development hobby turned into a passion and career path. From self taught to graduate, I have always loved programming and UI, constantly striving to get better.


A browser tool for creating SVG images, backgrounds, or icons from user defined settings.

NodeJS + ReactFragments

Users can utilise a NodeJS API server to produce 'Fragments' which contain data and metadata for supported file types and can be accessed and converted.

NextJSPotlight Expert

A fully responsive business website for a local business based in Toronto, featuring a high CTR quote request form.


Redesign of Spotify's website to be more user friendly and responsive, featuring a user management system and the Spotify API.

ReactRandom Map Generator

A simple application that generates a random map based on the configured input parameters.

Front EndMini Projects

A collection of small projects that I have worked on related to front end UI/UX.

ReactKnight Patrol

Short project to create a simple game based on the classic chess board game 'Knight's Move Challenge'.